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This course is designed to help the beginner practitioner get through the first years of training.

With that said, we would like to recommend 5 things before you dive in.

1. Watch all of the content in each lesson. Even if you know how to grip the kimono, look to see if there are other details that perhaps you've missed in the academy lessons. A lot of lessons are based on ones before them, so watch the entire video to keep from missing crucial details.

2. Try to always choose a partner that is closest to your size. Jiu Jitsu is challenging enough without having to modify each technique for someone who is much taller or twice your weight. Learn with someone with the same size levers (arms, legs, torso, etc.) and the mechanics work perfectly. Once you have it down, then you can modify on a different body type.

3. Don't try to muscle it. Learning a difficult art with an unwilling opponent will make it hard to understand each step when you get there. Practice with no resistance at first, just so you get the movements and steps in order. Once you feel you've got it, try with 20% resistance and go up from there.

4. Put on submissions slowly. Not giving your training partner time to tap out and reset can lead to injuries and distrust in your academy.

5. Practice mobility daily. Being able to get your legs to move the way you want them to in the beginning. In order to give yourself a smoother ride, practice just a few movements and stretches daily. You'll realize that the techniques are easier to grasp when you're not struggling to move around in tight spaces.