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Jiu Jitsu can seem to be impossible if you have poor mobility, but rest assured that we've seen many members come in with little to no exercise background and, within several months, have improved mobility as well as better overall health.

Below are a few exercises and stretches you can do on your own and in the comfort of your own home. Begin slowly, and as you feel your body begins to respond you can start to move more freely into these tight spots.


We begin in a seated position, legs straight out in front of you. Start to lean over to your left side while bending your right leg away then bringing your right heel as close to your hips as you comfortably can. 

Now, bend your left knee in the same direction to bring your left foot close to your right knee. Remember to sit up as straight as possible, hips flat on the mat.

To further challenge yourself, keep your legs in place while lifting yourself onto your two knees. Step your right leg up and in front of you, then drop into the same position in the opposite direction, basically switching places with your legs. You can continue this routine until you've reached the other side of the room. 

Training Man


Here is an exercise used by wrestlers, but adopted by basically every other grappling art. This exercise can be used as a defense in certain positions as well as an everyday conditioning movement to increase stamina.

Begin on all fours, as if starting a bear crawl, both feet and hands in contact with the mat.

Now, lift your right foot off the mat and begin to bring that foot in towards your left hand. At this time, lift your left hand and raise it to the ceiling, chest high and body open to the sky. Retreat back to the position you started in and do the same thing to the opposite side.

To further challenge yourself, walk the mats by skipping your hands forward and gaining ground as you step your feet forward. 

Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards


Here is an exercise that we do regularly in the academy for warm-ups. It helps us to feel momentum as well as our own sensibility and awareness of how our legs feel crossing over during movements.

Begin in a seated position, your right foot planted on the mat and the other leg folded underneath.

Now, round off your back and roll backwards until your shoulders touch the mat. When you roll back forward, roll all the way up to your left knee, right foot planted with your knee off the mat and hinge forward at the hips. Remember to posture up high to get the most of every repetition.

Repeat this movement and switch your leg each time so that you work both sides of the body.

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