I have learned a ton from Jiu Jitsu Evolution! I’ve seen and taken many other Jiu Jitsu courses, but none have compared to this course because this one focuses on the basic details that are actionable. I feel like many other courses focus too much on techniques that are hard to replicate when you’re on the mats. However, after watching just a few of the videos in Jiu Jitsu Evolution, I was able to immediately apply the ideas when actually rolling. If you want to learn applicable ideas in Jiu Jitsu, then this course is definitely what you’re looking for.

Vikram M.

Senior Man

Jiu Jitsu Evolution Series (JJES) is the best collection of BJJ fundamental instruction I’ve seen to date. Each video is full of the important details that make techniques actually work. The videos are concise and full of gems of information based on years of real-world experience. It answers all of the “when, why, and how” questions you could ask. The course is very clear and organized, so you can easily follow the course in order as it is designed, but you can also quickly find the content you are looking for when you need it later. The techniques covered are absolutely crucial for every BJJ practitioner to know and understand. It gives the brand new student, who has never stepped on the mats, a strong base of knowledge to begin their BJJ journey. As a blue belt, it also gives me an amazing resource to refine all of the techniques I have been working to apply and all of the little details I miss in class. I know it will be helpful throughout my BJJ journey. It is a great tool alone but can be amazingly helpful to use as a resource in conjunction with any training program. I watch these videos with my own children (8 and 10 years old), and we all learn something every time we watch. BJJ is a sport of technique and details, and JJE has beautifully laid all of it out in one place. Highly recommended to boost your BJJ SUCCESS!

Vernon T.